Trip to the Zoo !!



☆Trip to the Zoo☆


This year, during spring break, we went on our very first trip to the Ueno Zoo!  We started the day touring the zoo with our Cubs students. Students participated from all five schools, so some students were meeting some of the teachers for the first time. Everyone did a great job introducing themselves and asking the teachers “What’s your name?” It was nice to see the students starting the day by speaking so confidently in English!


カブスクラスの生徒のツアーから1日が始まりました。グノキッズ5校舎すべてから参加していただけたので、初めて会う先生と生徒もいました。みんな、自己紹介をして、先生に“What’s your name?” と質問できて、とても素晴らしかったです。とても自信をもって英語を話している姿を1日の初めに見られて、とてもうれしかったです。


After we were finished with introductions, the students were eager to see the animals! The teachers mapped out a route through the zoo ahead of time and after seeing one animal, the students were given clues to guess which animal would be next. Some clues were quite tricky, but Sam and Soren helped the students with some awesome (and funny!) animal impressions. A special shout-out goes to Sam’s monkey impression. It was very good!



Once the students guessed what animal they would see next, we all learned some interesting facts about that animal. Did you know monkeys smile when they are angry? Or that gorillas sleep in nests? After the facts we practiced some key phrases, like, “Let’s go see the hippos!” The students tried their best to use the phrases and also to describe what the animals were doing (“It’s jumping!” “They’re sleeping!”)

生徒が次に見る動物を言い当てると、みんなでその動物についてのおもしろいことを学びました。例えば、サルが怒っている時、顔が笑っているって知ってる?それ以外にも、ゴリラは巣で眠る?など。そのようなことを学んだ後、“Let’s go see the hippos!” など、いくつかのフレーズを練習しました。生徒は、その動物がしていることを表現するために、“It’s jumping!” “They’re sleeping!”というようなフレーズを使って、できるだけ英語で伝えられるように頑張りました。


The monkeys were definitely a big hit! The students enjoyed saying, “it’s jumping!” as one monkey jumped on top of the rocks. We were also very lucky and got to see a baby gorilla! It was very cute! The hippo was less popular, though. Most students seemed to think it was too smelly!

サルは、みんなにとってもヒットした動物でした。ある1匹のサルが岩の上でジャンプしたとき、生徒は、“it’s jumping!”と言って、楽しみました。また、私たちみんな、とてもラッキーでした。なんと、赤ちゃんゴリラに会えたんです!とてもかわいかったです!カバはあまり人気がなかったようでした。ほとんどの生徒がものすごいにおいを感じたようで、みんなで、「臭い!臭い!」と言っていました。そこで、先生が、”They’re smelly!”という英語を教えると、今度はみんながずっと”They’re smelly!”と言い続けていて、逆に盛り上がった動物だったかもしれません♪

In the afternoon, our elementary students joined us at the zoo! The clues got a bit harder, but the students were still able to make lots of great guesses. When told that the next animal was “black and white,” the students guessed “panda” and “zebra” before reaching the correct answer, “penguin”. It was great to see that the students could remember so many animal names!

午後には、小学生の生徒が参加しました!小学生は、少し難しくなりますが、生徒はたくさんの推理を働かせました。次の動物のヒント、“black and white,”が与えられた時、正しい答え“penguin”にたどり着く前に、“panda” や “zebra”を推理しました。とてもたくさんの動物の名前の名前を覚えていることがわかって、うれしかったです!


We practiced the phrase “Which is heavier, a hippo or a gorilla?” This was a preview of a sentence we will study later this project. Though this was a brand new phrase, the students tried their best to understand and answer it. We learnt that hippos are heavier than gorillas. In fact they are the third heaviest land mammals!

私たちは、“Which is heavier, a hippo or a gorilla?”のフレーズの練習をしました。このフレーズは今やっているプロジェクトの最後に学習する予定のものです。まだ学習していない新しいフレーズでしたが、生徒は理解して、答えようと頑張っていました。そんな中で、カバはゴリラよりも重いことを学びました。実際、カバは、陸上哺乳動物で3番目の重いんです!


The students also review the phrase “My favorite animal is a… because it’s….” We learnt this sentence last project and the students were able to use it really smoothly! We were all really impressed! Pandas and penguins were popular choices!

生徒はまた、前回のプロジェクトで学習したフレーズ“My favorite animal is a… because it’s….”の復習をして、みんな、ほんとうにスムーズに使えていました。とっても嬉しく、印象的でした!このフレーズでは、特にパンダとペンギンが人気でした!


Finally, before going home, each student received a zoo pack full of GnoKids worksheets to help them review all of the things that we learned that day again at home. Lots of students have brought their completed worksheets to school to show their teachers! Well done for completing the worksheets!



We hope everyone enjoyed the zoo as much as we did because we had an absolutely fantastic time! If you didn’t get a chance to go this time, we hope that you can join us next time!





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