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    What aspects do you think make GnoKids compelling compared to other English schools?

    I have worked at several other kids English schools, and GnoKids is by far the most effective at improving children’s English in the shortest period of time. I believe a large part of that is our homework system. I am the director of the homework videos, and I love that all of our teachers contribute to make the homework as effective as possible. Our students come to class for 90 minutes per week, which is great, but learning a language simply requires practicing more than once a week. This is why we made our homework videos – because we knew that a big part of the key to student improvement would be for students to be practicing on our own. Our videos are unique because there really isn’t much else like it. And they are custom-made to fit our classes, so if you watch the videos and then come to class, the students English improves significantly! It’s really exciting to see! And the teachers love making the videos together as well


    What is most important to you when teaching kids?

    It is most important to me that my students really love learning English. Once they do, they will enjoy coming to the school, and they will even enjoy studying and doing their homework! We can then help them improve their language skills more specifically. On the other hand, if students have negative experiences with English, they won’t want to study and may dislike studying languages in the future. So, for me, making sure that my students really like learning English is what I care about the most.


    What do you think has helped your students improve the most?

    Making English both fun and educational! This might sound a bit cliché because most English schools talk about making English fun, but it’s actually easier said than done to make sure students have fun while also challenging them and making sure they really improve. Everyday we teachers discuss how to improve our classes and do teacher trainings to improve our teaching skills. Everyday we talk about our students and how we can help them improve and be more motivated. Everyday we work together to make our homework and our classes more interesting. We put a lot of effort into making our classes educational and fun, and we feel that our hard work has paid off as our students are improving at a remarkable pace!


    When are you the happiest at work?

    My favourite time is when I am just talking with our students. I like just listening to how young children think and express themselves. Kids smile and laugh a lot and talking with them always makes me smile.


    What's one skill you learnt while living in Japan?

    The skill I most like to practice is Japanese blacksmithing. I have made some small tools with the help of my teachers and one day I hope to make a なきり包丁.


    Do you prefer cats or dogs?



    What other jobs do you do at GnoKids?

    I have several jobs apart from being a teacher, but my favourite one is to make our homework program, Alex’s Adventures. I write the scripts, film and act in the videos and work with our editors to produce our homework videos. I hope one day that millions of kids watch and love Alex and his friends.


    Do you play any characters in Alex's Adventures?

    I play several human characters: Farmer Seamus, The Fairy, and Dr. Sandlewood, the Witch Doctor. I also do The Chat Corner with Sam. I am the voice of 3 of the puppet characters too. Can you guess who?


  • Seamus

    Country Australia
    University University of Sydney
    Time in Japan Since 2008
    Time Teaching Since 2007


    Fun Fact

    My hobby is blacksmithing.


    Fun Fact

    I like farming, and plant rice every year. I never buy rice and only eat the rice I grow myself.


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