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    From Peru

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    What do you think is special about GnoKids compared to other kids English schools?

    Educationally, I think our Project Based Learning curriculum and Team-Teaching experience makes us special compared to other schools. At our schools, I think our staff are dynamic and our work environment is pleasant. I’m constantly learning new ideas from my colleagues.

    教育的に、Project Based Learningを用いたカリキュラムやチームティーチングの経験という点が他の英会話教室と比べて特別な存在になると思います。スタッフはエネルギーにあふれ、職場環境も快適です。私は絶えず同僚から新しいアイディアを学んでいます。

    What is most important to you when teaching kids?

    The most important thing to me when teaching kids is creating a warm classroom environment where every student can flourish both educationally and socially.


    What do you think has helped your students improve the most?

    I think what has helped my students the most is learning phonics and doing/watching the weekly homework before coming to class. As a result, I have seen students gaining more confidence to participate and produce English in class.


    What’s your favorite sport?

    My favorite sport is soccer. I have been playing it since I was a kid. After high school, I joined a professional club’s Under-20 team. The experience was priceless because I got a taste of what it is like to be a professional player.


    What’s one of your best childhood memories?

    One of my best childhood memories is showing my relatives and friends a PC game called Monkey Island. I was about 10 years old and I was amazed by it because I had never experienced a game that allows players to search for items and communicate with people for clues or fun.

    私の子ども時代の一番の思い出の一つにMonkey IslandというPCゲームを親戚や友達に見せることです。私は10歳ぐらいのとき、経験したことのないゲームに驚かされました。そのゲームはアイテムを探したり、手がかりや楽しみのために色々な人とコミュニケーションをとったりすることができるものでした。

    Why did you choose this profession?

    I chose this profession because I enjoy teaching children. I feel fortunate seeing GnoKids students’ growth as they continue exploring new things and learning to express themselves.


    How do you spend your free time?

    I like to spend my free time with my family, studying Japanese, reading books to my daughter and watching movies, sports and TV.


  • Koji

    Country Peru
    University Los Angeles City College
    Time in Japan Since 2015
    Time Teaching Since 2016

    Fun Fact

    At some point, when I was a kid, my family lived in a big house with other 2 families (My mom’s siblings). It was so much fun playing Hide and Seek and soccer on the patio with my cousins and brother.


    Fun Fact

    I lived in America for 10 years! I lived in Los Angeles, California.


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