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    What do you think is special about GnoKids compared to other kids English schools?

    The focus at GnoKids is teaching English with real-world scenarios and experiences. Learning grammar or vocabulary with no context makes it difficult to internalize the language, and harder to output it in the future. GnoKids have two teachers, allowing the language to be modeled authentically and also allowing for natural interactions to occur between the two teachers and the students. Lastly, the staff at Gnokids have an honest and genuine care for the process of language learning and the welfare of the students we teach. The teachers create all the materials and textbooks, and everything is very thorough and well made.

    グノキッズでは、現実社会のシナリオを使い、体験をしながら英語を教えることに注力しています。 文法や語彙を文脈なしで学ぶと、言語を習得することが難しくなり、将来的にそれをアウトプットすることがより難しくなります。グノキッズには2人の先生がいます。これにより、言語を本当の使い方でモデル化することができ、2人の先生と生徒の間で自然なやりとりが可能になります。最後に、グノキッズのスタッフは、私たちが教える生徒の言語学習のプロセスや生徒に学ぶことの楽しさを知ってもらうことのために、誠実にかつ親身に対応しています。そして、グノキッズの教材とテキストはすべて講師陣によって作成されており、非常によくできています。

    What is most important to you when teaching kids?

    If students are engaged and enjoying the lesson, they will view English and learning English as something enjoyable and fun, as opposed to just another class to attend. Humor is a big part of my teaching style and I enjoy hearing students laughing and enjoying the lesson, so for me, laughter and a genuine sense of enjoyment would be the most important thing to me when teaching. A happy teacher and happy students, make learning fun.


    What do you think has helped your students improve the most?

    When learning a new language, students are often afraid of making mistakes, so creating a safe environment to practice and improve their speaking and listening skills is a big part of seeing improvement. It can take a while to grasp a new phrase or grammar point and everyone learns at a different pace, so being understanding and having the empathy to understand how students learn will help them improve rapidly.


    What are your favourite places in Japan?

    I love to spend the winter snowboarding, so I would have to say the mountains of Hakuba or Yuzawa would be my favourite places to be in the winter. In summer, I like to paddleboard along the Shonan coast, especially near Hase or Inamuragasaki.


    If you could be any animal, which would you choose?

    I think I would like to be a dolphin. They are great swimmers and can explore the ocean with ease and grace. They always seem to be smiling too!

    イルカになりたいなぁ~。彼らはとても泳ぎが上手だし、簡単かつ優雅に海を探索することができます。 彼らはいつも笑っているようです!

    What do you like about Japan?

    I like the food in Japan a lot. I don’t think I have had a bad meal in all the time I have spent here. I also like how clean, and tidy Tokyo is, there never seems to be any litter on the ground. Japanese people are also very friendly and welcoming, often going out their way to help on the many times I have been lost!

    私は日本の食べ物が大好きです。 私が日本で過ごしてきた間に嫌な食事をしたことはありません。東京はとてもきれいで、きちんとしているのも好きです。地面にゴミがちらかっていることがありません。また日本人は、とても友好的で、何回も道に迷った私をよく助けてくれます!

    What do you miss about the UK?

    I miss British food quite a lot, especially bacon! I also miss the British summer, the days are very mild and it gets dark quite late in the evening so the days feel long and warm.


  • Jason

    Country UK
    University University College London
    Time in Japan Since 2012
    Time Teaching Since 2012

    Fun Fact

    I love to cook and often try making new dishes, sometimes with mixed results!


    Fun Fact

    I like to make and build things!


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