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    What do you think is special about GnoKids compared to other kids English schools?

    I think GnoKids sets itself apart in two ways. The first is the amount of detail and attention given to every single student. Though we follow a lesson structure, all of the teachers and staff members take great care to react and adjust to every student’s needs, in and out of the classroom. Secondly, having two teachers in the classroom is of great benefit to the students. When there are two teachers, the students are able to get a lot of input from two native English speakers. This helps them to be exposed to every day, natural English. Also, we can maximize the speaking time of each student and give more attention to students as individuals by separating into smaller groups between the two teachers. Therefore, all of the students can feel comfortable participating in class, which is one of the most important requirements when a student is learning a new language. I think not enough language schools emphasize this point!


    What is most important to you when teaching kids?

    As a teacher, I have learned to make myself as approachable as possible. This is one of the most important aspects to teaching kids. The environment we try to create for our students is one in which everyone is excited to be here because it’s enjoyable and everyone is learning. To accomplish this, as a teacher, the students have to feel comfortable not only asking questions related to the lesson, but also with just conversing with us in English in general.


    What do you think has helped your students improve the most?

    I think PBL (Project-Based Learning) is a big reason my students improve so much. Because the projects have a goal, each lesson is related to previous lessons which allows students to reuse previous vocabulary and phrases. This is important because language learners have to use new grammar and vocabulary multiple times before they can really use it naturally. When a student sometimes struggles with a question or they don’t know what to say, most times they can recall what they have learned in a previous lesson and then use it.

    私はPBL(Project-Based Learning)が生徒の上達の大きな理由だと思います。プロジェクトには目標があるので、各レッスンは以前のレッスンと関連しており、生徒は以前の語彙やフレーズを再度使うことができます。これは重要なことです。なぜなら、語学学習者が実際に自然に使用できるようになるには、新しい文法や語彙を何度も使用する必要があるからです。グノキッズでは、生徒が質問の返答に困ったり、何を言ったらいいかわからない時、ほとんどの場合、前のレッスンで学んだことを思い出して使用することができます。

    What do you miss most about Chicago?

    I miss my family! I have two younger siblings, and I have become an uncle! So I really want to meet my niece and nephew. I also miss summers in Chicago. The weather is perfect and there is so much to do such as, music festivals,lots of delicious food to try, and going to the beach!


    What are your favorite countries to visit?

    I love to visit Hong Kong and Korea. Both places have great food and many things to see. I also love Belgium. The people are nice, the country is beautiful, and Belgian waffles are the best!

    私はベルギーも大好きです。 人々は素敵で、国は美しく、ベルギーのワッフルが最高です!

    What are your favorite sports?

    I really love tennis and basketball, but my favorite sport of all is soccer! I have played soccer since I was 10-years-old. I am big supporter of Dortmund in Germany. They have two of my favorite players, Christian Pulisic and Shinji Kagawa!


  • Carl

    Country United States
    University Illinois State University
    Time in Japan Since 2016
    Time Teaching Since 2013

    Fun Fact

    When I was young I met Michael Jordan in Chicago! He was my favorite player ever and he plays for my favorite basketball team ever, the Chicago Bulls.


    Fun Fact

    I use to live in Seoul, South Korea. I love eating spicy food like kimchi Jjigae and visiting historical sites around Korea.

    私は以前韓国のソウルに住んでいました。私はkimchi Jjigae(キムチシチュー)のようなスパイシーな食べ物を食べ、韓国周辺の歴史的名所を訪れるのが大好きです。

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